We cordially invite to participate in the 2nd International Medical Class Paediatric Critical Care within the 27th Bremen Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing on February 15 to 17, 2017.


Fellows from international projects of RobinAid and Chaîne de l’Espoir Europe are invited to attend on this annual scientific event. The International Medical Class is also addressing all vocational colleagues (physicians and nurses), who deal with paediatric critical care topics and would like to broaden the horizon of their own experience to see the bigger picture.

Learning from and with each other in common workshops as well as personal encounters open doors for caring relationships between different medical worlds and cultures:

Medicine is going to build bridges.

Here you can find the entire program and further information. PROGRAM DOWNLOAD

We are looking forward to meet you at Bremen in February 2017.This hospital is a magic and peaceful place. We can feel a spiritual atmosphere which is emanating from the holy sisters who are living and working in a near community.