From February 14th to 17th, 2017 we performed our 2nd International Medical Class Paediatric Critical Care within the 27th Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing at the beautiful City of Bremen, in the North of Germany.

This year more than 30 invited colleagues (physicians as well as nurses) from our international projects out of 7 countries participated in our workshops which dealt with interesting and important topics in the field of paediatric critical care. Together with German colleagues they used the opportunity to listen to different lectures and to discuss in detail medical strategies, experiences and challenges. In addition to the contextual work they used their stay for personal exchange, encounters and development of strong networks.

Beside our workshops they were also invited to join the entire annual Bremer Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing which is one of the biggest medical congresses in Germany dealing with the topics of anesthesia and intensive care. More than 4,500 participants (physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers) from all over Germany came to Bremen. During the Symposium more than 450 different lectures were offered, interactive workshops performed and more than 190 exhibitors presented their products around the needs in anesthesia and intensive care.

We would like to thank the Messe Bremen, the Scientific Association for Promotion of Clinically Applied Research in Intensive Care Medicine and the HCCM Consulting GmbH which are the organizers of this annual symposium, for giving us the opportunity to perform our International Medical Class under their support.  Also we would like to thank the head of our back office, Susanne Robert as well as the head of the travel agency, Antje Gerken for organizing everything around the International Medical Class so perfectly.

Last but not least we would like to thank all our speakers, session chairs and participants who guaranteed the success of this scientific event with great dedication.

Medicine is going to build bridges. This is the way we support each other in our daily efforts to do the very best for our little patients.

The 3rd International Medical Class Paediatric Critical Care within the 28th Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing is already in preparation: it starts on February 14 and lasts until February 16, 2018.