Aswan Heart Centre

The Aswan Heart Centre in the South of Egypt is an exceptional project founded in 2009 by Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub; it is operated and funded by the Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation; this unique centre combats heart diseases at the highest quality level and provides basically free medical treatment for all patients.

About 1,100 complex open heart surgeries and 2,600 interventional procedures are performed annually including more than 100 arterial switch operations in correction of the transposition of the great arteries, one of the most dangerous congenital heart disease; nearly 600 dedicated staff members including 100 doctors and 270 nurses are contributing to this centre which has 41 ICU beds, 50 ward beds, two operating theatres, two catheter suites, and a chest pain unit.

Since 2015, ROBINAID is closely linked to the Aswan Heart Centre by supporting  the paediatric cardiac critical care unit in the care of their little patients, exchanging expertise, performing common training programs, and providing medications.

The Rwanda Heart Centre / Kigali

The new Rwanda Heart Centre is located in the capital Kigali and currently still under construction; the Aswan Heart Centre forms the basis and acts as role model; in the first phase it will be equipped with two operating theatres, two catheter suites, one 9-bed ICU, one 6-bed IMC unit, and one 12-bed ward.

In line with the urgent needs in Rwanda, the centre will focus on the treatment of congenital and acquired heart diseases in children and young people according to highest international quality standards and always free of charge; it is owned, funded and operated by the Heart Care & Research Foundation Rwanda.

ROBINAID was asked by Prof Sir Magdi Yacoub to join this foundation and to take co-responsibility for operating the centre; according to our core competence we are implementing and running the anesthesia and critical care department.

The inauguration is expected at the end of 2022; this new heart centre will open another important chapter in the care of critically ill children in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Implementation of Essential Emergency Critical Care in Cameroon

Acute critical illnesses are taking away too many lives especially that of children and mothers every day in Cameroon just due to the fact that critical care skills and services are lacking in most of the hospitals.

Since we started our collaboration with the Cameroon Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN) in 2018, we are working on to improve this intolerable state of affairs aimed to increase the number of trained  medical staff and services by performing common training courses.

According to the needs of Cameroonian hospitals, we developed the concept of implementation of Essential Emergency Critical Care; this concept is covering a structured theoretical and practical training program, establishing standardized basic critical care units in partnered hospitals,  providing an ongoing support in running these units over a time period of five years, and evaluating the impact of the patient care continuously.

International Medical Class Paediatric Critical Care Bremen

The International Medical Class Paediatric Critical Care is a joint project between ROBINAID ACADEMY and the annual Bremen Symposium on Intensive Care Medicine + Nursing which is one of the largest medical congresses in Germany dealing with the topics of anaesthesia, intensive care as well as emergency care.

Invited health professionals and fellows from our partnered hospitals and projects in different countries are coming to Bremen, working on current topics in the field of paediatric critical care, gaining new ideas, sharing their experiences, interacting in a respectful manner, and building up trusting relationships as well as stable personal networks.


We are following a three-level concept of basic, advanced, and specialized training added by a Continuous Medical Education Program (CME) to maintain and renewal the acquired abilities regularly. Furthermore, we provide access to Advanced Studies in order to enable talented graduated physicians and nurses to reinforce their academic and research competences to be prepared to work as an academic teacher or clinical scientist. All our training elements meet the WFSICCM (World Federation of Societies of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine) training recommendations for critical care specialists to ensure high international quality standards.

St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital
Kumbo / Shisong, Cameroon

The St. Elizabeth Catholic General Hospital in the Northwest Province of Cameroon has been a mission hospital for over 70 years. Since 2016, we are involved in setting up this unique paediatric cardiac center centre which was founded by our Italian partner Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo.

Finalized projects

French Medical Institute for Children
Kabul / Afghanistan

Until 2015 we participated in the fields of paediatric cardiac anaesthesia and critical care.
This unique children hospital was founded in 2006 by the French organization La Chaîne de l‘Espoir and is managed by the Aga Khan Development Network.

Marie Curie Children‘s Hospital
Bucharest /Romania

At Marie Curie Children’s Hospital we established the first paediatric cardiac surgery in the south of Romania as a joint project with Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo and the local partner organisation Inima Copiilor. In 2017 we successfully completed our missions in Romania.

Fan National University Hospital Dakar / Senegal

The Paediatric Cardiac Centre at Fan National University Hospital was a joint project with Chaîne de l‘Espoir Europe. In common missions we participated with sending critical care teams. In 2018 we finalized our commitment on site. Local colleagues are still connected to our teaching programs.

Giza El Agouza Hospital and
Cairo University Hospital / Egypt

At Giza El Agouza Hospital as well as at the University Children’s Hospital we supported the local paediatric cardiac surgery departments in regular common missions with our Italian colleagues from Bambini Cardiopatici nel Mondo. We focussed on complex heart defects and neonatal cardiac surgeries.