Our strategy

Our conceptual approach is based on three focus areas:

Through the years since we started ROBINAID MEDICAL CARE in 2009 we gained a lot of experiences in various projects where we have been asked to take responsibility for paediatric critical care services; we clearly understood to achieve comprehensive and lasting improvements in the care of critically ill patients in poor countries needs much more than just to perform temporarily medical missions. Therefore, we have constantly developed our concept further by following an integrative approach of patient care, education, and providing access to medical  products always aimed to build sustainable running projects and lead them to independency as soon as possible.

To achieve these binding targets we established ROBINAID ACADEMY in order to professionalize our educational offers and to make them accessible to a broader mass of health care workers. Given the tremendous lack of trained staff in the entire field of emergency and critical care across all less developed countries we aim to increase the number of physicians and nurses who are able to work qualified and autonomously in this demanding specialty.

Additionally we started ROBINAID PROCUREMENT to ensure the supply of materials which are essential to perform critical care.

„In our projects we are always working in conjunction with local partnered hospitals and like-minded organizations.”

Dr. Matthias Angrès, Founder ROBINAID; Sir Prof. Magdi Yacoub, Founder Aswan Heart Centre

Together we can make the world a better place. Get involved. We already are.


We are on the way with competent partners

Complex tasks require joint projects with partners that have the same understanding. With Chain of Hope UK and our friends from the Egyptian Aswan Heart Centre we can rely on exceptionally experienced international contributors to humanitarian medical commitment. Together we hold a strong bond.