Our strategy

Every child has the same right to receive an urgent cardiac surgery as a child in Germany. Without adequate medical treatment though, chances of survival are low when facing complex illnesses or injuries, with no hope for a cure. Only a comprehensive and autonomous healthcare leads to medical justice. In this context RobinAid stands for highly specialized clinical care. Our projects aim at a sustainable and long term commitment.

Our Strategy is based on a three step conceptual approach

The implementation of our concept is based on a three columns principle

Specialized clinical care requires adequate infrastructure as well as trained and skilled medical staff such as doctors, nurses, medical engineering assistance and other experts. We are always working in cooperation with local partner hospitals and support them by sending medical teams as well as equipment. Education and access to international medical networks are of great importance to enable our local colleagues to become self-sufficient as soon as possible.We treat children with life-threatening disorders particularly congenital and aquired heart diseases.

„If you were born and grew up in Western Europe after World War II you are very privileged. For me, it is an obligation to share this privilege.”

Dr Alexander Leis, Pediatrician, Geneva

Together we can make the world a better place. Get involved. We already are.


We are on the way with competent partners

Complex tasks require joint projects with partners that have the same understanding. With La chaîne de l´espoir, a French non-governmental medical aid organisation RobinAid can rely on an exceptionally experienced international contributor to humanitarian medical work. Moreover, the trusted and reliant network of highly experienced and well known German hospitals is a very important base for successful projects and to achieve our humanitarian goals. Together we hold a strong bond.